RIP Robin Williams…



When someone of Robin Williams’ stature dies, it’s fascinating to observe the outpouring of sentiment from all kinds of people – from the rich and famous, the friends and co-stars, those in the media that interviewed and spent time with him, nameless ordinary people that experienced his kindness and generosity. No doubt there will be some that will site his lack of reverence and his crude stabs at some sacred social and religious structures and, frankly, I just wish they’d give it a rest.

And yet underneath his almost manic delivery of, what some would call, comedic genius (Charlie Rose of CBS said he’d never been with anyone with such a quick connection from brain to mouth), there was, to the discerning eye, the very clear display of sadness and loneliness of addiction and depression.

I’m not going to pontificate or editorialize.

When I heard the news, my heart ached. What a cruel world sometimes. I’ve dealt with suicide in my family and it’s just . . . there are no words to the shock, the suddenness and finality. My heart hurt that a human created in the Image was so very sad.

Whenever I witness genius, my first thought is to thank God for His creation, His imagination and the very fact that He gives gifts to human beings. I hear incredible musicians, singers, players, great writing, great acting, brilliant comedy and whether they acknowledge the Giver of their particular gift or not, I know where all this comes from and I thank Him. Sure, as a dyed in the wool evangelical, it would be great (and I would be so inappropriately proud) if they would, from time to time, mention that God has blessed them with a gift, etc., etc.


But again, even if they don’t publically or privately name the Name, we can breathe deep in the knowledge that God has created some beautiful things and some beautiful people.

Thank him.

Wayne Watson
August 12, 2014