Random stuff . . .


*Watched the Super Bowl last night.  I remember when some people (not mentioning names here . . . ‘cause mine might be in there somewhere) thought it was just downright heresy to blow off Sunday night church to watch Super Bowl – oh, excuse me “Big Game”.  I’m not officially licensed by the NFL and I don’t want any of their goons at my door.   So, I do remember having Supe . .  uh, Big Game parties at church where we would watch it together at the church!  I guess the venue made the difference.


Those events morphed into Super Bowl (aw . . . forget it.  I’m just gonna live on the edge today!) parties in homes where some church members gathered (few, if any, outsiders allowed) to have a very long “blessing” that must have been an adequate substitute for Sunday Night Church.




If bringing a smile to the face of God means checking the attendance box on another offering envelope, I’m in good shape.  If rubbing shoulders with people, whether they believe what I believe or not, if they behave the way I think they should behave or live like I think they should live or not, then I’ve got some catching up to do. I don’t think He put us here to be isolated and insolated from our neighbors.


By the way, why do we expect people that have never been to the Cross to behave as if they have been?  It’s hard enough for those of us that have  been there to behave.


Sure, the game was a blow out and, at one point, I was just hoping Peyton and Company would just do something!  Tough night for them.  But I like some of the stuff I heard from Russell Wilson, the Seahawk’s quarterback.  Good testimony and, what seemed like a mature relationship with God.




Bruno Mars at halftime . . . He’s a mix of Prince, James Brown, Little Richard and Michael Jackson all rolled into one.  I hope he appreciates the groundwork others did before him.  And I hope he keeps it together.  At least there was no wardrobe malfunction this time.  And, other than the Chili Peppers being shirtless (dang, that must have been cold!!!) nothing too weird or funky.




Can you imagine the money that changed hands last night?  Wonder what a hot dog cost at Met Life Stadium?




Went to Sunday School yesterday and the teacher talked about $$$ and how it’s such a fight on all fronts.  We’re studying Genesis and we’re in the 31st chapter – deceit and greed and all sorts of bad stuff.  We talked about the cycle of wealth and how it can have a hold on us.  The Book says “You can’t serve two masters” and it’s a constant battle.  I can justify it lots of ways.  “I just want to prepare for the future” or “I need to take care of my family” or “I want to leave something when I’m gone” etc. etc.



I don’t know much but I know this.  The battle with the cash idol can’t be won by passively wishing and hoping and praying that one day, we’ll overcome.  It has to be an aggressive effort to push back and make firm decisions that will kick in and help build a solid wall and foundation.




I have a pastor friend who is retiring soon.  I had lunch with him a couple of weeks ago and asked him “What made you decide that this is the time”.   He said, “I want to be less of a big deal” and sighting the words of Ron Burgundy, he is one that could genuinely say “I’m kind of a big deal”.  He is . . . to a lot of people.  He told me the scripture that keeps running through his head is “ . . . He must increase and I must decrease”.

I don’t hear that or see that kind of heart very often. And I love him for it.




Trying to learn Spanish this year.  Slow, but working on it.  And no, there’s no political agenda and yes, I do think people that live in the USA should speak English BUT I think it’s incredibly arrogant for Americans to travel all around the world and expect everyone else to speak OUR language.  I feel lazy.   Mi pinquino no comen arroz. (“My penquin does not eat rice” . . . . nailed it!!!  Can’t wait to work that into a conversation today!)




Writing songs this week.  Hope to record something new soon.  I appreciate your prayers in this.  No one needs another CD or download just because.  I don’t know why, but it’s tougher and tougher to write good lyrics right now.  But there’s stuff there and, God willing, it’ll come out soon.




I know some of you are facing tough things this week. Right now,  some are in hospital waiting rooms, have loved ones in surgery, some just wanting to hear a doctor say something good.  Some are in danger of losing a job or going broke.  Some have children that are AWOL, away from God and all the things you taught them. Some are in marriages that just seem to be done.  So, while you’re out there this week, be on the lookout for somebody in pain that might just need you.