Random stuff . . .

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written. Here’s a little catch-up from the most recent to a few weeks past.

I was in Nashville last week and did a concert with Sandi Patty and Larnelle Harris at Christ Church. What a place! Standing room only! In Nashville??? What??? Someone said “the best way to play Nashville is NOT to play Nashville”. Lots of biz people that have seen and heard it all. It was a tremendous evening. Sandi sang a verse and chorus of the new song she and I wrote called “In the In Between”. I did the new “Heal Our Land” with the support of the tremendous Christ Church Choir! I’ll be playing “Heal Our Land” in every concert this year (and maybe beyond) because I think it’s a message we need to hear over and over again.

The night before the Nashville concert, we were, again, sold out in Cincinnati. Rode the bus from Ohio to Nashville. The tour buses are beautiful with lounges, a kitchen, comfortable bunk beds and all the other “necessary” accommodations. But . . .

. . . as beautifully tricked out as these buses are these days, it’s still pretty tough to sleep. Some people love ‘em and are instantly knocked out by the motion.

Not me.

A friend of mine described trying to sleep on the bus as “trying to sleep while someone sits beside you all night, poking you going “hey, hey, hey, hey”. Just when you’re about to nod off, a pothole or quick move to avoid a deer or something says to you “Oh no, no, no . . . not tonight pretty boy”.

After the concert in Nashville, I spent the day in rehearsal for the Lord of All Tour with Russ Taff, First Call and Clay Cross – about a 12 hour day in all. I walked in and thought, “What the heck are we gonna do for 12 hours? This ain’t the first rodeo for any of us???” The producer of the show is Tom Jackson. Tom had just come off the road producing the Taylor Swift tour so his credentials are impressive. But still, I’m wondering, as a solo player, what else can I do? Turn this way on this song? Turn that way on that song???

I was so wrong and the things observed by Tom and his team, Lang and Amy, were perfect and very helpful. It’s easy, when, night after night, I play a lot of the same songs in, pretty much, the same way . . . and have for . . . well, let’s just say a long time! Great to have supportive, helpful critique. This is going to be a great evening of music and ministry and I hope you’ll be able to come out.

A lot more I could tell, but I’ll just leave you with this. I’m overwhelmed that God is raising us up to share these songs from the past. But, at the same time, I will always aware of the new things He is doing and want to share those things in songs, too. Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. Such a real blessing!

Continue to pray that God will Heal Our Land. It will rest on us to do our part. To look away from things that steal our hearts from Him, His purity and His glory – to look upon the things He loves and fall in love with those things, too – to keep our plates clean and stay at peace with those around us through confession and prayer – and to always be aware of the meaning of grace and to walk humbly before Him with gratitude – to be thankful always.

Hope to see you soon.